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Many people are surprised to learn that thousands of house fires every year have their origins in outdated or otherwise faulty electrical panels. There are signs indicating trouble with your panel, which are helpful to remember during the winter months if you’re running electric space heaters or outdoor equipment like snowblowers.

Appliances Overheating

When an electrical panel is outdated, it might deliver too much electricity to appliances, resulting in overheating. Overloaded outlets, bad connections, and worn wiring insulation also contribute to overheating devices. If several of your appliances, rather than one, are overheating, you may need to think about having your panel replaced.

Crackling or Hissing

Electrical panels might make minor humming noises. The current vibrates while traveling to the appliances, contributing to this sound.

However, loud crackling, hissing, or popping noises are different issues. One of the indicators of a bad breaker is an impression that something sounds like it’s frying in the panel. Bad connections or loose wiring can also cause these noises.

Having your panel checked out is a good idea to resolve further problems. A complete malfunction or worse could occur if this is uncorrected.

Burnt Smells or Burnt Spots

Overheating breakers or outlets can cause burnt smells. Melted wires or insulation can also cause these kinds of odors, which makes contacting an electrician essential.

Visible burn marks are common with overheating breakers or circuits. If there is any evidence of damage because of overheating, you are better off having it taken care of before your panel fails.

Frequent Breaker Tripping

Do appliances that use a lot of power make your breakers trip? If this happens frequently, the age of your panel is a likely factor.

If your breakers trip frequently, even with appliances that use less power, your panel requires replacement as soon as possible. You might be unable to upgrade certain electronics without upgrading your electrical panel.

Frequent Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are not typical without bad weather or other disruptions. At the very least, there might be a bad breaker. At the most, primarily if it occurs every time you turn the lights on, your electric panel probably requires replacement.

Light Switches or Outlets Give Shocks

Sometimes, shocks indicate improperly grounded outlets or switches. However, outdated outlets can be a cause, and these shocks could cause severe injury or death.

When your electrical panel shows signs of pending failure, seeking the help you require is essential. When you need electrical panel services, feel free to contact Henninger Electric in Cedar Falls, IA.

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