Generator Repair & Installation in Cedar Falls, IA

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It’s Always Smart to Have a Back-Up

A generator can save you and your family from an extended stay in a home without power. Power outages are extremely disruptive and frequently result in spoiled food in your fridge, a lack of temperature regulation in your home and serious health complications for anyone with medical devices that require electricity to function. If you’re considering generator installation in Cedar Falls, IA to avoid any of these set-backs, look no further than Henninger Electric.

We are authorized dealers of Cummins home standby generators, some of the leading generators on the market. We offer both Cummins QuietConnect™ and PowerConnect™ home standby generators. These models are compact, quiet and powerful, all backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Reasons to Request Generator Repair

The worst possible scenario during a power outage is when your generator just won’t start. It’s better to take precautions and get regular maintenance for your generators. Or, if you catch signs of a problem, call an electrician right away to inspect your generator. Waiting until you’re in the middle of a crisis could be disastrous and will cause you undue stress. The following issues may be an indication that your generator is on the fritz:

If you notice any of the above happening to your generator, call Henninger Electric right away for generator repair. We have the tools needed to fix your generator before the next power outage.

How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Home

There are several different factors that play into which generator is right for your home. Let’s walk through how to choose the generator that is right for you.

Type of Generator

First of all, there are multiple types of generators, including:
Henninger Electric specializes in installing whole-house standby generators. As a Cummins authorized dealer, we frequently recommend the best of the best of their models: the QuietConnect™ and PowerConnect™ generators. All generators in these lines may be fueled by propane or gas.

Power Capacity

The capacity of your generator is extremely important. This determines what exactly your generator can power in your house and beyond. If you rely on a large number of electrical devices and appliances, a generator with a higher kW rating. It also depends on how large your house is. A small residence may run on a 7 or 8 kW generator. But, many standard-sized homes need a 20 kW generator or larger.

Physical Appearance & Size

What does your yard look like? Is it a small space? Do you have room in the back of your house where a generator can be discreetly hidden? Or do you need to prioritize a compact generator? Smaller generators may not have the same degree of power.

Luckily, Cummins offers PowerConnect™ generators, which pack a substantial amount of power into a compact design. Contact the team at Henninger Electric for Cummins generator installation in Cedar Falls, IA today!


Some generators make more noise than others. This may not be a problem for some who live in more rural areas, but for those who live in a suburban or even urban area, the noise may bother neighbors if you don’t research the characteristics of the generator beforehand.


If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, you’ll want to choose a generator that can withstand the elements, as all generators must be installed outside.
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