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Henninger Electric offers electrical remodeling in Cedar Falls and the surrounding areas in Iowa. We work with both residents and businesses to define a vision and execute on it. Whether it’s for a beautiful new bathroom or a premium upgrade to an office space, an electrical remodel can completely transform a space. We work in tandem with any other contractors to ensure the wiring is properly installed, your electrical needs are met by your current system, and any electrical fixtures and components, like lighting, are integrated into the new space to your liking.

We’ve been in the Cedar Valley for nearly 30 years, consistently providing service rated an A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We aim to deliver customer satisfaction with every job performed. Our hope is to exceed your expectations and set your space up with functional electrical systems for years to come.

Benefits of Electrical Remodeling in Cedar Falls

A remodel, whether it’s your whole home, an office space, an apartment building or simply one room, requires a major investment on the part of the person requesting it. However, they can be transformative and are almost always worth the time, effort and money. Obviously, a remodel will increase the value of your property, but it has several other benefits as well, including the following:

What is my budget?

Your budget will determine what you can include in your remodel. This will also determine what sorts of lighting fixtures or luxury fixtures you may install in rooms like bathrooms, kitchens and more. If you know your budget before you call us, we can do our best to work with you and achieve your goals at your price point.

Which rooms do I want to remodel?

Determine exactly which spaces will get upgrades before you call Henninger Electric. This may be your whole house, but likely it will be a smaller space. This holds true for commercial properties as well.

What do I want to install?

Think about the electrical features you’d like to add on to your existing home. Perhaps with a bathroom remodel, you’d like new mirror lighting or a speaker system to play music while you’re in the shower. For a kitchen, you might try new under-cabinet lighting or brand new appliances. Henninger Electric will install these for you and ensure each new part of your home is properly wired.

What do I want to upgrade?

Are there parts of your current electrical system that you hope to upgrade, like your electrical panel? A remodel is the perfect time to do so! You may like some of the lighting in your kitchen, but hate the flow of the light switches. It’s useful for a remodel to consider components you may want to keep but improve as you’re changing everything else.

Next time you consider a remodel of your home or business, give Henninger Electric a call at (319) 419-7930. We provide free estimates for work across the Cedar Valley!

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