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Commercial Work in the Cedar Valley

Your business property is an investment, and it’s difficult for employees to perform at the highest level of execution when the basics are missing. That’s why you need a reliable team of licensed and insured commercial electricians in Cedar Falls, IA serving Black Hawk County with over 20 years of experience to complete electrical work on your property. At Henninger Electric, we guarantee a job done right the first time, all at a reasonable price. Trust that we have our customers’ best interests in mind, as the BBB granted us an A+ rating for our stellar track record of customer satisfaction.

Whether you have a small or large property, we will make sure no one is left in the dark. Lighting installations and other electrical components need to be tailored to the needs of your business so employees, tenants or customers feel comfortable in the space. At Henninger Electric, our goal is to maintain and grow relationships with our commercial clients, whether you need major electrical rewiring work, new exterior lighting or urgent electrical repairs. We are members of Grow Cedar Valley and dedicate ourselves to building connections with the local community.

Our Commercial Specialties

When we provide commercial electrical services in Cedar Falls, IA, we offer a range of options adjusted to fit the requirements of your business. The commercial work we’ve done in the past has included the following services:

Why Upgrade Your Commercial Electrical Systems

Perhaps you’re happy with your electrical systems as they are. But how much have you thought about how the lighting and electrical wiring in your commercial property impacts you and your tenants on a daily basis? It’s a crucial part of your ability to get work done, and it’s important to assess every now and then whether or not it’s time to make some improvements. Here are some common reasons you might consider an electrical upgrade for your commercial property.

Code Compliance

Electrical upgrades will help you stay up to date with local codes and regulations. Professional commercial electricians know how to wire and set up electrical systems appropriately, so they are up to code.

Improved Safety and Reliability

Of course, safety is of the utmost importance. If the wiring in your commercial property is faulty or out of date, you may notice dimming or flickering lights, hot outlets, funny smells, or even sparking. Repairs and updates to your electrical wiring will remove any safety hazards currently caused by degrading electrical systems. They will also improve the reliability of your lights, appliances and any other devices relying on the electrical power on the premises.


When remodeling your commercial property, it’s always a good idea to involve an electrician to install new lighting and wire your outlets and switches. It may also be the ideal time for rewiring or electrical panel upgrades, particularly if your commercial property is expanding.

Call the go-to commercial electricians in the cedar valley since 1995: Henninger Electric. We’ll work with you to determine which types of electrical upgrades will increase the value and functionality of your commercial property.

Why Hire a Commercial Electrician

When hiring a commercial electrical company in Cedar Falls, IA, you may wonder if it’s really necessary to go through the trouble of getting a dedicated electrician to work on your business. But hiring someone without the proper expertise could lead to faulty wiring and potentially a dangerous work environment for your employees. A professional, licensed electrician with experience in commercial work has the knowledge and resources needed to improve your business’s electrical systems, as well as keep your building safe.

Here are a few reasons why you should call a commercial electrician in Cedar Falls, IA:

Commercial electricians in Cedar Falls, IA don’t just work on electrical problems. We can also help install new electrical components, like lighting, speakers, data networks and more. Call Henninger Electric at (319) 419-7930 for a free estimate and to speak with one of our experienced electricians today!
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