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Avoid the High Cost of Losing Electronic Devices to Power Surges

According to statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Energy, the economic losses related to electrical power surges across the United States top $150 billion each year. This figure includes lost production time, insurance payouts, damaged equipment, lost data, and remediation costs for both homes and businesses. From this staggering figure, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association estimates that power surges cost $1 billion just in damage to electronics in residential and commercial spaces.

The figures above do not factor in insurance. The Insurance Information Institute reports annual payouts of $6 billion to companies and homeowners who filed claims after their expensive electronics were fried by a voltage surge.

Surge Protection Is an Affordable Solution to an Expensive Problem

The average homeowner’s insurance policy in the U.S. includes coverage for electronic equipment losses caused by power surges. This is typically part of the policy’s personal property provision as long as voltage surges are on the list of covered perils. However, you shouldn’t expect whole-cost replacement unless you are paying higher premiums, and you may still face a high deductible payment. You can always look for other insurance options that specifically cover the most valuable devices or appliances in your home, but now you are dealing with yet another premium.

There’s no need to worry about losing your high-tech Mac Pro M2 or high-end Samsung Family Hub refrigerator to voltage surges generated by thunderstorms or issues related to the electrical service in your home or office. You can avoid this by installing a whole-house surge protector for your residential circuits. Unlike insurance policy premiums, surge protection does not require recurring payments. It is a smart and affordable investment that can prevent equipment losses. To a certain extent, residential surge protection pays for itself because it can boost the value of your property.

Understanding Surge Protectors

Some people incorrectly assume that power bars or strips are surge protectors. This confusion has a lot to do with the way these devices are marketed and sold. Cheap power bars do not offer surge protection; they simply provide additional outlets for plugging in electronics. You can purchase transient voltage surge suppressors that feature the power bar form factor, but getting several of these for your house can also be expensive.

Another misconception about power surge protection is that you only need it during the peak of thunderstorm season. The reality is that voltage surges can spike the electricity charge delivered by utility poles at any time.

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