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Extreme weather patterns can leave your home without power for extended periods of time. Whether that means you’re struggling to heat your space or dealing with spoiled food in the summer, investing in a generator can greatly reduce your risk of loss. If members of your family rely on medical devices powered by electricity, you need a generator that you can rely on. Here are three New Year’s resolutions that you should follow.

1. Find a Spot for Your Generator to Live

Because generators release carbon monoxide, they have to be vented or stored outdoors once they’re fired up. Depending on your location, a permanently installed generator may need to be hidden away from prying eyes or potential thieves.

A portable generator may fit your location better, but be aware that most of these may not have the power output to support an entire house. Depending on the size of your home, you may need up to 20 KW of power, and a portable generator will not be able to support that.

There are small generators that pack a lot of power and can be discreetly hidden behind your home. A talk with a skilled electrician is crucial before you invest in a generator.

2. Schedule Regular Tests and Maintenance

The power seldom goes out under ideal weather conditions. As you create your storage spot for your generator, make sure that you can easily clear snow away from the exhaust vent. You also want easy access to adding fuel and servicing the unit.

Experts recommend that you start your generator approximately every three months and let it run for 10 minutes. During this testing time, check the unit for:

  • Signs of tampering, such as scratches on or damage to the enclosure
  • Fuel drips or odor
  • Sluggishness or odd noises
  • Low power output
  • System alerts or warning lights

Of course, if the generator struggles to start, you will need to get the unit serviced as soon as possible.

3. Choose Your Fuel Wisely

Pay special attention to the fuel that you store for your generator. You may choose to invest in a diesel generator to generate the power you need to run your whole house. Talk to your generator maintenance team about any fuel conditioner you need to add to diesel fuel and the best place to store this fuel if your garage is unheated.

At Henninger Electric, we know that a properly serviced generator is critical when weather conditions in Cedar Falls, IA get rough, so call us when you need us to install, repair, or maintain your generator.

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