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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Lighting System This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to update your lighting fixtures and bulbs. As the weather cools, you’ll spend more time inside, which makes it an opportune time to upgrade your lighting system. Simple things like adding new lamps or changing your bulbs can improve your home. Besides these two ideas, there are more ways to upgrade your lighting this fall.

1. Invest in LED Light Bulbs

Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs use more energy to light your home and give off more heat. LED bulbs last longer while using less energy and giving off little heat. What’s more, your home will have a modernized look. Replacing all your light bulbs with LEDs may be expensive, but they’ll last much longer than the older bulbs you use.

2. Layer Your Lighting

Your interior light fixtures are either task, accent, or ambient lighting, but a properly lit room uses all three. Ambient lighting disburses light overhead, task lighting highlights an area, and accent lighting highlights specific objects. Diffusing your lights helps create softer lighting by blending shadow and light.

3. Upgrade Your Light Switches

When you upgrade your outdated or old light switches, are you aware they have a stylistic element? Light switch covers that look dirty or cracked hurt how your lighting system works. Cover styles can match your home, so consider choosing the right colors when looking into replacing light switches.

4. Install a Dimmer Switch

Fall is the perfect time of the year to have a dimmer switch turn the brightness of your home to whatever level you want. Our electricians can rewire your light switches to include a dimmer switch, but make sure you have dimmer LED bulbs. There are even smart bulbs that have dimmer capabilities, and you don’t have to rewire your home.

5. Install New Exterior Light Fixtures

Exterior lighting can be for security or to keep walkways visible at night. Exterior light fixtures allow people to see walkways, porches, or your backyard. As the leaves change, you could upgrade your exterior light fixtures to match the season and increase your curb appeal.

6. Use Warmer Bulbs

Switching out your bright white bulbs for bulbs with warm tones is a great way to improve your ambiance. Warm-toned bulbs mimic sunshine and help you relax in your living spaces, and cool-toned bulbs mimic daylight and keep you alert in your workspaces.

7. Invest in Task Lighting

Task lighting helps illuminate specific spaces in your home, such as cooking, writing, or reading. As the weather begins to cool, you’ll spend more time indoors and want the lighting to cast fewer shadows. Before updating your indoor task lighting, decide where you spend most of your time.

There are many ways to upgrade your indoor and outdoor lighting this fall. Dimmer switches and LED light bulbs are some ways to improve your home. If you want to upgrade your lighting in Cedar Falls, IA, call us at Henninger Electric today.

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