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5 Indoor Lighting Hacks for Any Budget

Indoor lighting plays a big part in how the interior of your home looks and how much it complements your design preferences. Some people may think lighting changes or upgrades are costly, but that’s not necessarily the case. These five hacks can ensure you get the lighting you want without the high price tag. 

Install Dimmer Switches

One of the best aspects of dimmer switches is that they give you consistent control over your lighting without any hassle. You can put it on as bright as you want to, then throughout the day, such as when you’re winding down for the evening, you can lower it to a comfortable level. A qualified electrician can easily handle the installation.  

Add Strategically Placed Lamps

You don’t always need to illuminate an entire room. For example, let’s say you’re reading while sitting in your favorite chair. A floor lamp next to the chair provides the brightness you need without having to turn individual lights on throughout the room or flip the overhead light on to illuminate the entire space. 

Get a Lamp Rewired

It’s easy to find lamps on online auction sites and at garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores, but they’re not always going to work. This could work out in your favor. There will typically be a sign that indicates the lamp currently isn’t working. For example, it may say “for parts.” Its non-working condition usually means you can get it at a lower cost than if it was working.

If you see a non-working lamp you love, consider buying it and having it rewired by an electrician. How much the task costs will depend on where you go and the complexity of the project, but you can often get the task done for less than $100. 

Change the Light Fixtures

You may be surprised how inexpensive many light fixtures are. There are quite a few options in the $100 or less range that are gorgeous and will provide incredible style. 

It may seem simple enough to install a new light fixture, but it’s a task better left to the professionals. Many light fixtures are very delicate and need proper and strategic handling, not only so they don’t break but also so they’re installed correctly. 

Upgrade the Lampshades

Many lampshades are inexpensive, making them a budget-friendly way to change the look of the lighting in your home and the appearance of the individual lamps. There are plain white ones, but there are also plenty of options for those who prefer colors and/or patterns. Before purchasing the new lamp shade, check that it will fit the lamp you’ll be putting it on. 

Don’t settle for boring, inadequate lighting when many hacks allow for affordable transformations. Contact Henninger Electric today for more information on budget-friendly lighting changes that can significantly impact your space for the better.

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