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The Practical Benefits of a Home EV Charger Installation

There is a lot of hype around electric vehicles, or EVs for short. While adoption is up, not everyone currently has an electric vehicle. If you are considering obtaining one, something you should also consider is installing a home EV charger. A home EV charger will provide a lot of benefits that will allow you to get the most out of your electric vehicle.

Power Benefits

For one, you should certainly be investing in a home EV charger installation if you want to own an electric vehicle. This is because a home outlet can only put out so much power. In most cases, this is only 2.3 kilowatts. Comparatively, a home EV installation can put out as many as 22 kilowatts. Other installations may put out 7 or 11 kilowatts. Still, this is sure to be a massive improvement. The car will charge much faster, and you’ll be spending less time waiting to drive your vehicle.

It Can Save You Money

One of the best reasons to invest in a home EV charger and an electric vehicle in general is the cost savings you will receive. Gas is certainly expensive. It also tends to fluctuate in price greatly throughout the year. While gas may be cheaper during certain parts of the year, it can skyrocket during the times you most want to use the car such as during the summer. This is not the case with the electric grid. The price you pay for electricity will stay relatively stable. It will also be much cheaper than gas during any part of the year. The cost savings you will experience will greatly add up over the years.

You Can Drive Farther

Since your car will be charged much faster with a home EV charger installation, you will also be able to travel farther more often. You will not be tempted to use the car with only a partial charge due to how long it takes for it to charge off your home outlet. Instead, you will have a full charge more often. That will mean being able to take longer trips to wherever you want more often without having to worry about whether you can find a charge station at your destination.

Charge Stations Are Not Everywhere

It is true that charge stations are popping up in more towns across the US. However, they are not everywhere. Having a charge station at home means you will leave with a full charge and will not have to worry about finding one where you want to drive to. In regards to the charge stations that do exist, they may prove to be pretty popular in certain locations. This may mean having to wait in line for a while. In certain cases, you may be waiting over an hour for your turn. Having the power you need means avoiding such situations and increasing the convenience of having an EV for you and your family.

Overall, there are many great reasons to invest in an electric vehicle as well as an EV charger home installation. It can save you money and time and allow you to go where you want during any month of the year. Plus, it does all this while helping to lower your carbon footprint. If you live in and around Cedar Falls, Iowa and are interested in having EV chargers installed so that you can take advantage of these benefits, call Henninger Electric today.

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